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Film Victoria is the State Government screen agency based in Melbourne, Victoria. Whether you’re on the ground in Victoria or working with their expert post-production, VFX, animation or games studios, the global screen hub of Melbourne is the best place to make your next screen project.
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In addition to competitive incentives, Victoria boasts highly skilled talent and experienced crews. The state’s renowned post-production specialists and VFX, animation and games studios bring brilliant stories to life.

Victoria’s diverse locations are the most accessible in Australia, with beaches, deserts, mountains, forests, wineries and small towns within an hour’s drive from Melbourne’s city centre. Its mix of historic and modern architecture can service period, contemporary and futuristic storylines, and Melbourne has the flexibility to double for almost any city in the world.

Docklands Studios Melbourne is located on the doorstep of downtown Melbourne. The world-class facility comprises five state-of-the-art, purpose-built sound stages and large production office and workshop spaces. A new sixth sound stage is currently under construction which, at 3,700 sq metres, will be one of the largest in the southern hemisphere.

With an unbeatable lifestyle, Melbourne is the go-to screen production destination for productions from around the world. It’s time to make it in Melbourne.



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Film Victoria offers competitive financial incentives to productions who are seeking an outstanding, film-friendly production destination for their screen projects.

Film Victoria’s friendly and knowledgeable team consistently go above and beyond, providing end-to-end logistical advice and location support.

Whatever your vision, their team can introduce you to perfect production partners and crew. Other services can include script breakdowns, location galleries and local budgets, as well as advice on the Australian Federal Government incentives and the Australian Screen Production Industry’s COVID-Safe Guidelines.

Victorian Screen Incentive

The Victorian Screen Incentive (VSI) offers grants to encourage producers to bring their screen projects to Victoria, including physical production, post-production, VFX, animation and digital games.

Projects can apply for a grant based on a percentage of Qualifying Victorian Expenditure (QVE).

The incentive operates as a simple grant that is paid in milestones upon completion of the project.

VSI can be combined with the Australian Screen Production Incentive through the Location Offset, Location Incentive, PDV Offset, Official Co-production and Producer Offset.


Projects must be fully financed, with genuine marketplace interest for commercial release or distribution, and meet the following minimum spends in Victoria:
– AU$3.5 million on production and post- production
– AU$1 million on animation
– AU$1 million on digital games production
– AU$1 million on VFX
– AU$500,000 on post-production

The Regional Location Assistance Fund (RLAF)

The Regional Location Assistance Fund (RLAF) offers grants to encourage Victorian, interstate and international screen productions to locate production activity in regional Victoria.

The incentive operates as a simple grant that is paid on completion of the project and audit of the production expenditure.

RLAF can be combined with the Victorian Screen Incentive.


Projects must spend a minimum of AU$100,000 qualified regional Victorian spend and accommodate the crew in the regional location for at least five nights.

  • Preacher S4
  • The Cry
  • The Whistleblower
  • Black Panther (VFX)
  • Lion