Founded in 2006, Resin is a boutique visual effects studio based in Adelaide, Australia, focussed on long form television series and film visual effects. Resin has been working internationally since 2010 for studios and networks including Disney, NBC Universal, Fox 21, Sony, Amazon, ABC, Roadshow, Ambience, Stan and Netflix.
Ausfilm Member since 2017

As a boutique sized studio we are asked about expertise and capacity. Resin is structured around a core team that expands to suit a production. We pride ourselves on being able to tackle anything and execute to a world class standard. The core is built around a foundation of design, technical know-how and over a decade’s experience across on-set, creature and character, animals, vehicles, environments, fluids, hair and fur, fx work and compositing. Our capacity allows us to take on complex sequences and asset builds in larger productions to whole of show requirements for small to medium sized productions.

Technical excellence, innovation, creativity and craftsmanship are all assumed of a world class visual effects vendor. What separates Resin is how we deliver on those across all facets of visual effects, character and creature animation including our pioneering work in augmented reality where Resin was awarded best new app in the national awards. We do all of this at a scale that allows us creative and technical control and with an agility that provides cost and delivery efficiencies. Resin’s aesthetic sophistication and technical know-how is anchored with on-set production experience and guided by the goal of producing world class visual effects.


Lincoln Wogan

VFX Producer + Founder
lincoln.w[email protected]

Grant Lovering

VFX Supervisor + Founder
[email protected]
+618 8410 1335

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With a foundation in commercial work, Resin has been working internationally since 2010. Our studio has consistently produced award winning work for agencies worldwide and brands including Disney, Braun and Bridgestone. We have worked on several feature films including all of the visual effects shots and titles for Kriv Stender’s Red Dog.

One of our clients helped us succinctly describe what it is like to work with our studio… Listen carefully. Understand completely. Interpret creatively. Execute brilliantly.

  • Tidelands S1
  • Storm Boy
  • Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams
  • The Tick Series 1
  • Limitless Series 1
  • Queen of the South Series 1
  • Hunters Series 1
  • Red Dog