Technicolor provides a full set of award-winning services around VFX, picture and sound post-production, animation and games activities for feature films, episodic content, advertising, immersive experiences and video games.
Ausfilm Member since 2018

The Group’s VFX facilities offer pre-visualization, asset creation, texturing, animation, rigging, rotoscoping, lighting, match move and compositing. Through its Post Production activities, Technicolor supports clients from camera capture on-set to world class color finishing and sound post through creation of final distribution masters.  On the Animation side, Technicolor offers solutions for the creation of high-quality Computer-Generated Imagery (“CG”) animation.  Over 8,300 people work for Production Services including approximately 6,500 direct/creative artists. This includes talent and technologists around the world at MPC, The Mill,
Mikros and Mr. X.



Nathan Wappet

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