Mod specialises in real-time and virtual production to create stories and experiences across platforms, including film and TV, extended reality (XR) and games.
Ausfilm Member since 2020

Mod delivers creative problem-solving that is done with technology through designing and building experiences. Mod is structured like a game development studio, but the team is multi-disciplinary. They produce original film and TV-like experiences, so what is being built in-house can look and feel cinematic, but it is not necessarily going into traditional distribution.

Mod began with studio-based software development and interactive content development, and have in recent years progressed to on-set virtual production services. This on-set solution includes face, body and hand motion tracking all at once, with the help of Xsens Motion Capture Suits, and Manus gloves and Standard Deviation Head-Mounted Camera rigs. Mod is a specialist developer of Unreal Engine and web applications. They also provide camera tracking on-set, where they combine the elements of traditional live-action, the movement of the live-action camera and the movement of human talent. And this is just the beginning of many creative and technological hybrid developments undertaken at Mod to capture the high fidelity of traditional production.

Any time there is an interactive experience, or a design, requiring the broadest sense of experience beyond the linear content of the film or TV, that’s where the Mod team can deliver superior creative and technical services for your production.



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Clients work with Mod because they:

  • Are experts in creative-technical problem-solving
  • Keep a hawk-eye on the details with a meticulous project-management processes
  • Work with dogged determination to get the job done, and
  • Leverage an international network of expert peers.

Some of Mod’s collaborations have been with ABC, BBC, Channel Ten, Premium TV (UK), Fox Sports, SBS, Molinare (UK), Nintendo, Epic Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment (USA), Sony BMG, UTS Animal Logic Academy and Screen NSW.

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