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The South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) has officially launched its 50th-anniversary celebrations, acknowledging the historic milestone with a star-studded gala industry reception, as well as record-breaking results in drama production.

Established in 1972 as the first screen agency in Australia, the SAFC is Australia’s longest-running state screen agency, and this year celebrates half a century of supporting South Australian stories, skills and talent in and on screen.

Last month the agency launched its golden anniversary celebrations with a special industry reception at Adelaide Studios featuring guests of honour; Actor and Producer, Cate Blanchett and Filmmaker, Warwick Thornton, both of whom have worked extensively with the SAFC over the years.

Blanchett praised the SAFC and the South Australian screen industry on the red carpet at the Adelaide Film Festival earlier that day, telling Channel Nine news:

“It’s the third time I’ve filmed here in Adelaide, and the South Australian Film Corporation has been so extraordinary in their support of filmmaking, and a lot of people want to come and shoot here because of it – the locations are extraordinary, the facilities are extraordinary – and not just Australian filmmakers, but internationally.”

Cate Blanchett, Actor and Producer

Blanchett also told The Advertiser: “I applaud the SA Film Corporation – they have been extraordinary partners with filmmakers, not only in Australia but internationally. And the locations – you can’t find them anywhere else in the world. I think that’s why people are coming here and will continue to come here.”

2022 is not only a milestone anniversary year for the SAFC but also a record-breaking one for the South Australian screen sector, with $144 million spent in the state on drama production and post-production in 2021-22 – the state’s second-highest year on record.

According to Screen Australia’s National Drama Report released earlier this month, South Australia’s drama spend is up 47% on last year’s total of $98 million and is nearly on par with 2019-20’s record high of $148 million. Included in the $144 million total spend is a record-breaking $89 million expenditure on PDV (post-production, digital and visual effects) – South Australia’s highest PDV spend on record and a more than 115% increase on last year’s total of $41 million.

The soaring drama expenditure was driven by productions including Emmy Award-winning ABC and Hulu children’s series First Day, Netflix series Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance, and AMC+ series Firebite, as well as feature films, Talk to Me, The Survival of Kindness, Monolith and Run Rabbit Run starring Sarah Snook.

“South Australia continues to punch above its weight in PDV, with the state’s record-breaking $89 million spend on titles including Elvis, Thor: Love and Thunder, Joe Vs Carole, La Brea S2 and Hawkeye ranking the state as the third highest spend in the nation. This is further testament to the strength of our globally recognised and award-winning PDV sector – including studios such as Rising Sun Pictures, MPC, Resin, and KOJO – supported by the SAFC’s highly successful SA PDV Rebate.”

Kate Croser, SAFC CEO

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