/News 19.01.23


Reflecting on the past year, it is clear that a lot can change in 12 months when it comes to travel. As 2023 unfolds, the travel industry is poised to pick up the pace and leave the pandemic’s lingering effects behind. With rising demand and countries loosening remaining restrictions, 2023 will be a year of increased airline capacity and resources, improved service offerings, new routes, and better connecting our world. 

As we return to more normal travel experiences, it is essential to consider how the predicted changes and trends in the travel industry will likely affect both the cost and overall travel experience for your production in the coming year. Brought to you by the film travel specialists, Show Group.

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Sustainability has become a crucial focal point for the Film and TV industry, as many major studios and production companies have made commitments to achieving net-zero emissions. Travel continues to demonstrate its role as a strategic enabler in reaching sustainability targets. Production companies are increasingly turning to Travel Management Companies (TMCs) to help them implement sustainable travel solutions and reduce their carbon footprint.

Supply & Content 

Traveller expectations are increasing and, as such, the traveller experience will be increasingly important in 2023. Suppliers will be seeking to retain and gain new customers not just by simply offering low prices but equally by providing additional value through their services and experiences.


We can expect to see the airline industry recover and gain momentum in 2023. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has predicted that the airline industry could return to profit in 2023 as travel demand continues to build momentum.

The travel experience will continue to be a focal point in 2023, with airports and airlines continuing to navigate traveller expectations and remedy the pain points (cancellations, lost baggage, heightened screening and security) around the passenger journey. 

According to CAPA Centre for Aviation, traveller expectations have created a competitive landscape for airlines where experiences will be key to securing new customers. Travellers will be looking for more – whether that’s the best in-flight experience or premium class services – and will be willing to pay more for those services should they be deemed ‘valuable’.


Personalisation is gaining momentum. Measuring ‘value’ in hotel programs is no longer just about cost, but also the value in demonstrating sustainability practices as well as knowing unique traveller preferences and delivering personalised experiences – including additional amenities, welcome gifts, pillow menus and customised messages. 

Following metric growth in 2022, we expect hotel Average Daily Rates (ADRs) in key markets to show some stabilisation in 2023 as price elasticity increases and capacity and resourcing constraints level out. 

As we head into 2023, our Film and TV travel teams will continue to collaborate with industry leaders and clients to ensure our services meet and exceed the needs of your production while considering the ever-changing travel environment. We’re excited to work with our clients to enhance their travel plans and take advantage of the new opportunities in the travel industry, ultimately leading to more successful productions.