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Screen Territory supports productions through locations searches and by providing images and details of sites showcasing the uniqueness and beauty of the Northern Territory.

The magnificent Litchfield park is located about 120 km southwest of Darwin, on sealed roads via Batchelor. Litchfield National Park is an ancient landscape shaped by water. It features numerous stunning waterfalls which cascade from the sandstone plateau of the Tabletop Range as well as lush rainforest and grasslands.

Wangi Falls, Litchfield National Park

The Park covers approximately 1500 sq km and contains representative examples of most of the Top End’s natural habitats. Intriguing magnetic termite mounds, historical sites and the weathered sandstone pillars of the ‘Lost City’ are a must. Whilst shady monsoon forest walks provide a tropical landscape out of the heat of the day.

Recent productions to film at Litchfield include Top End Wedding which premiered at Sundance Film Festival this year.

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Litchfield Sandy Creek Aerial