/News 28.05.20


Queensland offers a world-class post-production sector with a competitive PDV incentive.

Queensland is home to internationally-recognised post, digital and VFX (PDV) companies and facilities including Ausfilm members Alt.vfx, Cutting Edge, The Post Lounge and their VFX partner Resin. These companies have a wealth of creative designers, expertise and track record of delivering high-end national and international film and TV productions.

In recent months their resilience and expertise have been evident as they quickly adapted to new working environments required in light of COVID-19 and continued to produce world-class screen content.

Ioan Gruffudd, Harrow

Just some of the PDV work that has continued in Queensland includes the post-production of ABC Studios International show Harrow, season 3, by Cutting Edge in Brisbane. Alt.vfx have sustained high-end, award-winning creature and animal work with key expertise in feathers, scales and fur. And the Post Lounge and Resin have continued working on the major Singaporean animated feature film Heavens: The Boy and his Robot, along with producers Richard Stewart and Penny Wall, that has an estimated budget of $8.5 million.

The Post Lounge

Heavens: The Boy and his Robot is just one of several global productions that have accessed Screen Queensland’s highly competitive PDV incentive, available to international productions looking to work with Queensland PDV companies. This is a 10% uncapped incentive for footloose, fully-financed projects, including fiction and documentary film, TV and streaming content, telemovies, mini-series and pilots. It is open to productions with a minimum spend of AUD$500,000 on Queensland PDV, and can be used in conjunction with the Australian Federal Government’s Location, PDV or Producer Offsets.

Queensland is a trusted and reliable hub for all your production and post-production needs, so contact Screen Queensland to discuss your project and find out more about the PDV Attraction Incentive.