/News 20.01.22



Mod principal Michela Ledwidge was Technical Director on a live-action virtual production as part of the 2021 Lexus Melbourne Cup. Produced by Virtually Human, presenters were filmed on an LED volume for VOD (video on demand) and live broadcast segments, streaming from TDC’s Sydney studio into ZED HQ within Decentraland. 

Decentraland is the first 3D virtual world operating on the Etherium blockchain. In addition to watching the video stream, the audience enjoyed interactive entertainment and participated in auctions for Non-Fungible Token (NFT) racehorses.

ZED RUN shoot – LED stage at TDC. Image courtesy of VHS.


Mod’s ground-breaking VR documentary, A Clever Label was released. The investigative journalism-style doco combines a volumetric video presenter, recorded by Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios (San Francisco), with world-first VR interactivity, which lets audience members investigate the lines of inquiry that interest them. 

A Clever Label is a pilot for a six-episode series that will use the format to explore controversial or complex interconnected data sets. The pilot investigates connections between prominent individuals and organisations opposing LGBTQI human rights but future episodes in early development will explore other topics, including climate change, money laundering and biodiversity. 

EOS – A special project with RYOT

Mod worked with LA-based immersive media company, RYOT to deliver a virtual production codenamed EOS. The ‘special project’ IP, developed for a major U.S. corporation, is still under an NDA but RYOT’s public testimonial outlines Mod’s contribution. 

Michela helped RYOT build an extremely complex real-time performance pipeline. She and her team overcame a ton of hurdles to deliver this first-of-its-kind product. She always brought creative solutions to the table and is truly one of the most technically knowledgeable virtual production directors I’ve worked with. It was a pleasure to have her on the team and couldn’t recommend her and Mod more highly.

Josh Gold, EP, RYOT

{ar}boresence – Life Story as Told by Trees

Mod collaborated with researchers and artists from the Australian National University to develop a fascinating Augmented Reality (AR) project around mature trees. An individual tree is viewed through the camera of a mobile device and recognised via AI. The tree’s life story – what it has experienced over time, such as rainfall levels – is told through beautiful and imaginative artwork overlaid on the tree. This was a pilot to eventually be rolled out to The National Arboretum Canberra.   

{ar}boresence in development. Image courtesy of ANU.