/News 23.02.22


Alli Pratt from TAG recently sat down with the Brisbane team at Air Charter Service (ACS) to talk all things private aviation.

Tell us about the role you play as a private charter specialist for film and television productions?

Our role is to understand the needs of our clients and provide a range of suitable aviation solutions.

For the media industry, we have the experience to provide a tailored flying experience for talent movements, picture aircraft, scouting, crew movements & freight.

Our experts manage all elements of the charter, from the initial inquiry to the solution phase and we remain on-hand for our clients right through to the final flight landing.

Particularly in film and TV production, our experts do all the heavy lifting during procurement, coordination of any bespoke requirements such as sourcing solutions for any constraints.

Large production companies that we are a supplier to such as Walt Disney Studios and NBC Universal, will have compliances in auditing and certifications, which we are happy to look after on their behalf, to streamline the operation as much as possible.

How has Covid-19 disrupted the status quo in private aviation?

We’re finding that many of our clients over the past two years, have generally not considered evaluating charter vs commercial options, on a cost & convenience basis. Covid-19 has forced that evaluation to occur, and we are finding that whilst charter may bear a more direct cost, the ancillary costs like extra accommodation, ground transport and freight logistics tend to equalise the overall costs to be a much more economical and efficient solution ongoing in a post-covid world.

Who are the key industries that you are working with, and how has this changed in response to Covid-19?

Globally, we work with a vast array of industries from Government & NGO’s, international sporting codes to multinational corporations and film/TV production companies.  If we look at production specifically, the work that we do has changed dramatically, in that we are no longer engaged for a simple flight, it is for an entire turnkey solution that includes things such as private quarantine, obtaining special exemptions, applying for dispensations, and taking a front seat in a large part of the project alongside fixers, line producers and TMC’s such as TAG.

What have you noticed has been the largest driving factor for productions booking charter flights?

Whilst there has always been a place for charter flights in productions (predominately for talent), we have seen an enormous increase in the need to operate within private bubble arrangements. So more than ever, we are chartering the crew and equipment to and from the set to reduce the risk of infection on-set, ultimately costing production time and money.   

What pain points are you trying to address by introducing private air charter as a go-to for productions?

Private charter alleviates some of the archaic pain points that are associated with commercial travel, for example, ticketing fees, name change fees, flight change costs, excess baggage fees, arriving at the airport 2-3 hours prior to the flight are all non-existent. When chartering, the plane is yours, on your schedule. In a marketplace wrought with complex information, decentralised inventory, and private owners, having a private charter specialist can make all the difference.

If you’re interested in learning more about chartering aircraft or would like to get a quote, contact TAG, your Production specialists:
Alli Pratt or Marnie Costantini.