SLATEVFX creates VFX, 2D and 3D animation for feature films, TV and streaming series in Australia and for the international market.
Ausfilm Member since 2017

SLATEVFX’s head office is located in Sydney within the Fox Studios Australia precinct and is a purpose-built facility designed to handle 4k thru-put.

Their workflow pipeline and process has been designed in-house and are unique to their business. This allows the SLATEVFX team to handle multiple 4k projects at once – whether it be 3D, 2D, pre-visualisation design or VFX.



VFX Producer/Post-Production Supervisor
[email protected]
+61 4 2242 1026

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Its co-founders are three of Australia’s most respected VFX professionals who are proud to be known throughout the industry for their demonstrated VFX abilities and post- production experience.

  • Bloom S1 & S2
  • The New Legends of Monkey S1 & S2
  • Hacksaw Ridge
  • Breath
  • The Dressmaker