Since 1983, Soundfirm has been at the forefront of Post Production in Australia. Led by the legendendary, multi award winning and Oscar nominated Roger Savage Soundfirm is Australia’s most powerful, flexible and complete post-production facility.
Ausfilm Member since 2000

Having wowed audience’s senses with amazing sound and picture post production work on some of Australia’s most iconic films, including Mad MaxCrocodile Dundee, Moulin RougeThe Great Gatsby and The Dressmaker Soundfirm is always at the cutting edge of technological advancement. Soundfirm’s talented staff employ the most modern, complete and flexible toolset available today for on-set, dailies, commercial, broadcast and feature film sound and picture post-production workflows. When you come to Soundfirm we will assemble the perfect crew for your production, based on almost thirty years experience across a broad range of projects. We are thrilled to boast strong partnerships with the best freelancers in the business, some of whom have worked with us since our inception. Together, our on-site team combined with Australia’s most respected freelancers guarantees that you will receive a world-class post production experience.


Roger Savage

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Helen Field

Senior Post Producer
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+613 8698 4800 (Melbourne)
+612 9383 4888 (Sydney)
+86 10 6205 4466 (Beijing)

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With 3 beautiful state-of-the-art facilities situated in the centre of Melbourne’s production hub; on the Fox Studios lot in Sydney, and in Beijing, Soundfirm is able to cater for any project from big budget Hollywood blockbusters to small independent documentaries. Soundfirm Melbourne houses Australia’s first and only Dolby Atmos mixing stage, featuring the industry leading Harrison MPC-5D console and Meyer Sound monitoring.  Soundfirm Sydney houses the largest DI grading theatre in the country, accommodating the 3D grade on The Great Gatsby and The Dressmaker. Both facilities offer the creative flexibility of 2K and 4K, stereoscopic projection grading, with preview seating cinemas.  Soundfirm was the first facility in Australia to deploy SGO’s Mistika Suite, a world-class, node-based NLE system for finishing 2D or 3D projects for films or television projects.

Soundfirm completes the picture.

  • Hacksaw Ridge
  • Lion
  • Red Dog: True Blue
  • The Dressmaker
  • Women He’s Undressed
  • Paper Planes
  • Strangerland
  • Predestination
  • The Monkey King