/News 20.04.23


The Portable Door, a production shot in Queensland, Australia, recently received support from Myriad’s innovative LiDAR and Cyber Scanning technology. Myriad’s scanning services were essential in creating highly detailed and accurate digital doubles of the entire cast, including the goblin transformations.

Myriad Studios BTS – incredible scanning services on The Portable Door

The technology captured every iteration of the characters in costume, providing valuable support to the film’s VFX vendors in creating seamless scene transformations.

The use of LiDAR and Cyber scanning technology provides significant advantages for productions seeking greater efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. These advanced scanning methods allow for the creation of highly-detailed digital doubles or twins, which can be used at every stage of a film’s life – from pre-production to post-production.

In pre-production, digital locations are extensively utilised for tasks such as surveying sites to determine topography for set builds, pre-visualisation for stunt sequences, mapping for logistics, pre-film record keeping and insurance at sensitive and historical sites.

During filming, virtual environments can facilitate remote work and help with virtual location scouting, location planning, and LED wall projection, streamlining production and saving both time and resources.

Behind the scenes LiDAR scanning locations is now used in many stages of the films production cycle, from pre- through to post

In post-production, 3D scans are invaluable to visual effects and CG artists, who use them to add, remove, or augment sets and locations, matchmove, measure sets, and ensure continuity. These scans provide filmmakers with an incredible level of flexibility and control, enabling them to create truly stunning visual effects and bring their vision to life on the big screen.

Myriad’s team consisted of four scanning and processing technicians who worked closely with the VFX vendors to tailor the deliverables to meet their needs and expectations. The advantage of having scanning services nearby the studio locations on the Gold Coast was noted as valuable, although Myriad’s team is highly mobile and can travel globally.

“Our team is highly mobile and can travel globally. We’ve recently provided scanning support for productions as close as Sydney and the Gold Coast (Australia), and as far as New York.”
– Duncan Jones, CEO of Myriad Studios

Throughout the production of The Portable Door, Myriad worked collaboratively with VFX companies to deliver high-quality scans, putting energy and attention to detail into the process. They took great pride in this collaborative effort.